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We can charge an hourly rate for flying and editing (maximum of 4 consecutive hours) or a full dedicated creative day rate where your project gets our undivided attention.

Get in touch to discuss your project

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Decorate your home or office with copies of any of our aerial images.

We can supply them on print (with or without mounts), canvas, acrylic or aluminium

Want something or somewhere else captured from a different perspective? Get in touch to discuss your ideas

See that amazing dress from a different angle or capture your wedding party from an aerial view - no more missing the people at the back of the group!

Or get photos or video of your special occasion or corporate event from a different perspective

Watch your construction project grow from an elevated perspective.

Help your clients, customers, team or family members follow the progress of your build with regular aerial images of your development

Capture your sporting event from an aerial perspective! Perfect to share with your supporters or get important imagery of training sessions or game days, to help analyse your team's performance and gain that extra competitive advantage

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Help prospective buyers see your property from all angles with promotional aerial photos or fly-by videos, perfect for social media marketing

Looking to sell your boat, car, jet ski or anything else?

Improve your sales chances with photos or videos from all angles to help show off your pride and joy!

This is perfect for social media marketing

Don't waste money on expensive scaffolding! We can help provide inspection images of high or hard to reach areas. Ideal for assessing storm damage after severe weather events in a safer way or checking for gutter blockages

Monitor crop growth rates with regular images, assess crop condition without disturbing the crop, assess watering efficiency from an aerial view, undertake livestock assessments or provide land overviews for staff members

We can capture pre-construction images of new or prospective sites, access hard to reach areas, photograph architectural detailing from unusual perspectives, undertake health and safety inspections or provide site overviews for contractors or staff members

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